My paintings

I've been thinking about and browsing some of the paintings I had created over the past few years. I love to paint, but mostly I love to create art that people really love.

Question for you:

From all of the paintings that I have ever done . . .
what subject matter interests you most?


I really honor your reply to this question. It not only helps me to know what you love but it helps other people to be able to design their space with much more ease.

I am in the process of creating more original paintings to list in my Etsy shop very soon.

Thank you for your response.


chelsea said...

I love all your work, but am particularly interested in your landscapes. It might just be because that style suits my home decor style. I aspire to be an owner of one of your pieces one day!

Karen Fields said...

Thank you so much, Chelsea! I'm working on a landscape right now. :)