Mother's Day Card Download with Envelope Template - Digital - Bohemian Flowers with Hand Lettering

For Mother's Day I have created 3 different beautiful cards.
Along with the cards, I have included an envelope template for your card to fit into. 
These card designs and envelope templates Etsy shop now!
are available for instant download on in my
You will receive all 3 designs with your purchase and print them on your own cards that you create from your printer. I hope you love them!


My newest mixed media painting is complete!






Original Mixed Media Painting
18 x 24 x .5"
by Karen Fields

This original piece is just gorgeous. It would be lovely for a nursery or a home office or sunny room!

A peak into my studio


I'm working on a painting and a mixed media painting at the same time today. I just put a coating of silk protectant onto my bird mixed media piece and while it's drying, I'm painting the basic shapes and colors for my newest 18 x 24 painting. These are both going to be listed in my shop over the weekend.

It's amazing how creativity works for me. It comes in waves of inspiration and then I have to take a little break for a day or two sometimes. The wave can last for as long as a week or a month. But, I know when I have to create something because the ideas come to me randomly and I have to jump at the chance to catch the vision!

What kind of art do you love?


My greeting card samples came! Yay!



I am pleased to announce my first selection of licensed greeting cards from Collage Greetings! Yay! They are labeled under the Mosaic brand. I have just received my own box of samples with 10 different designs of mine! This is very exciting. Look for my cards in retail stores soon. I'll post a list of boutiques and gift shops that will carry them later on.

If you are interested in wholesale delivery please contact:
Collage Greetings


Seascape Minimalist Print


My newest print is now available in a very wide variety of sizes and formats up to 60 inches tall. You can have this beautiful print framed, made into a print on canvas, or on gorgeous art paper. Many possibilities!

Creating a life with art

11x14 Print
by Karen Fields

As I make my way along the path less traveled in my art career, I am trying to weave a life of beautiful art recorded on canvas. It's my art. This is what I was meant to do with my life. That's all. From the art I make, I take it and try to bring the love I have from doing this into my personal life as well. This is what happens when you find your way.

Finding a unique style is something that I have always strived to do. It's created from within. I'm doing this for you from me. Learning about why I do this is what it's all about.

-To create my life
-To create a living
-To be true to myself
-To manifest what I learn in life to create wonderful pieces of art

-Make time
-Know what I like
-Keep learning and never stop
-Business counts
-Online sales
-Read a lot
-Trust myself
-Work hard, even when I'm not ready to put paint to canvas

-Everyday...sketch, paint, read, learn, share, sell, communicate
-Mornings are best for me, but sometimes 3 am is good!

-Fine Art America
-Image Conscious
-Licensing my art to manufacturers

Thank you. :)


Sweet Dog Art

11x14 Art Print
by Karen Fields

Sometimes focusing on the small things in life can really create special feelings. This is my dog, Judy, now 7 years old. She is a Border Collie mix who was rescued when she was 1 year old. I saw her sitting in her chair and just had to create a painting of her here. The original painting is now in a collector's home, I am now offering prints of this painting. Always vigilant, she is a good watch dog who always has love to give.


Baby Boy Art for Nursery - Very large sizes

This print is available online in sizes up to 60 inches tall plus frame.

5 Unique and Fun Baby Boy Nursery Ideas from Apartment Therapy

 Come take the Nursery Tour with Apartment Therapy
5 Unique Baby Boy Nurseries
Wonderful insights into what can truly become a sweet little, and very unique, nursery for your baby boy.
What was the inspiration for the room? Old men! Saf is named after his grandfathers, so their lives and interests (as well as things that they and our own fathers have given to us) were the launching point.

 Beckham's nursery was inspired by a modern woodland theme, while keeping the colors and feel peaceful, light and airy.

 Capton's nursery was designed with much love and care.

A gender neutral nursery was a must for this family.


This baby has an incredible room chock full of fun and inspiration that he'll get to explore as he grows. 


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