Pink Flamingo Painting by Karen Fields 30 x 30

30 x 30 x .75" Original Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas
by Karen Fields

Beautiful tropical flamingo art just right for your beach home in the tropics! 
Thank you for looking at my paintings.


Flamingo painting still in progress!

This 30 x 30 flamingo painting is still in progress on my easel. I am having fun with the colors and the shapes of the feathers. This is actually my very first shot at painting flamingos! Should be complete in a couple days. I usually paint for 3 sessions...1 hour at a time. But this one is going a bit longer than my usual painting does. Thank you for looking!


Flamingo painting in progress!

Take a look at my sweet bright pink flamingos! This painting is 30 x 30 x .5" on stretched canvas. I'll be finishing it up probably by the weekend or so. I love using the large brush, at the top left, to create my large loose strokes. It's so much fun!

Palm Tree Beach Painting by Karen Fields 30 x 30

30 x 30 x .5" Original Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas
by Karen Fields

It's a gorgeous summer day here. Taken from my imagination, I have created another of my signature style palm tree paintings. Thank you for looking! You can purchase this painting HERE.


Summertime painting

Whenever I think of summer, I am reminded of the times our family spent time at the beach together. I have a large extended family so it is always fun to get everyone to come and hang out.

I have just completed this commission for a wonderful local collector who wanted a painting of a vision of her backyard view. Of course, I always put my own style on things. It's called artistic license! I had great fun creating this 18x24 canvas and as I was painting it I was thinking about how beautiful the lake must be in summertime with all of the family around.


Dogs at the Dock New Art Prints


Art Print
by Karen Fields

Dog lovers unite! This is a print of an original painting I created and now is available in my shop
It comes in 3 sizes: 8x10, 11x14, and 19x13. Summer fun at its best!


Large Abstract Coastal Painting 40 x 30 by Karen Fields





Original Acrylic Textured Painting
40 x 30 x 1.5"
by Karen Fields

This is the newest painting I have done in the summer coastal series. I am working very large here, as I love to do. It only brings the idea of being at the beach closer to us. I hope you love it for your home at the beach!


Spectacular Sunset Abstract Fine Art by Karen Fields

by Karen Fields

48 X 24 X 1.5"

Gorgeous Rich Colors and Expressionistic Textured Original Acrylic Painting 
on Stretched Canvas Deep Gallery Wrap 

Hand painted in Acrylic Paint and Texture Medium
Naive Painting Style
Large painterly, naive, brush strokes
Edges of painting are white

Thanks for viewing my paintings

I am passionate about my art

MY ARTWORK is an ORIGINAL unique signed acrylic painting done on quality stretched canvas.

You'll love it


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