Sneak peak of new fabric prints

Many of you have asked me when my art will be featured on fabrics. Well, I am now working on creating a line of my own designer fabrics using my love of abstraction and bold colors. I will keep you posted when the fabrics become available and where you can go to purchase them. I hope you like the patterns! Thank you for looking.  ~Karen


Large White Modern Fine Art Painting on Canvas by Karen Fields

Large 48 x 24 x 1.5 inch Gallery wrapped stretched canvas
Modern Fine Art 
by Karen Fields

Newest in a series of bold white and colorful abstract paintings, this one is particularly stunning. I hope you like it. Thank you for looking.
To purchase this painting, please click here.


New painting in progress in my studio - Large 48 x 24 by Karen Fields

Ok! While I am taking a break in my studio, I want to show you what I go through to accomplish my paintings. I have to go through a lot of layers of thought, paint and theory to get to where I want to be with my abstract paintings. This one is 48 x 24 inches and I love it because I can really create a landscape that has a lot of different foliage and plants in it. I love the water, so I always seem to include some kind of water in my art. It just makes me happy.

So, here, I am in the very early stages of blocking in some ideas of what I want to do. I paint rough shapes and colors to kind of map out my preliminary composition. I'll continue through the weekend working on this one. I need to let it sit so I can think and observe it. Fresh eyes make for the best painting days. Thanks for looking!

My canvases art delivered directly to my studio by Artist Brand Canvas. 

Artist Brand Canvas is a family owned business, operating for over 41 years.Edge Stapled, Edge Wrapped and Box Canvases.Bringing artists hand crafted, American made stretched canvas


Large Modern Fine Art by Karen Fields 48 x 30

Original Acrylic Painting by Karen Fields
48 x 30 x 1.5"
Gallery stretched canvas

This painting is a beautiful large piece of modern fine art that reflects my signature style of bohemian, free form loose strokes. The colors are jewel toned in pinks, aqua, lime green, white, beige, violet, and many more. It would look beautiful as a focal point in any modern room. Thank you for following me and viewing my original paintings. I am grateful.


Pink Flamingo Painting by Karen Fields 30 x 30

30 x 30 x .75" Original Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas
by Karen Fields

Beautiful tropical flamingo art just right for your beach home in the tropics! 
Thank you for looking at my paintings.


Flamingo painting still in progress!

This 30 x 30 flamingo painting is still in progress on my easel. I am having fun with the colors and the shapes of the feathers. This is actually my very first shot at painting flamingos! Should be complete in a couple days. I usually paint for 3 sessions...1 hour at a time. But this one is going a bit longer than my usual painting does. Thank you for looking!


Flamingo painting in progress!

Take a look at my sweet bright pink flamingos! This painting is 30 x 30 x .5" on stretched canvas. I'll be finishing it up probably by the weekend or so. I love using the large brush, at the top left, to create my large loose strokes. It's so much fun!

Palm Tree Beach Painting by Karen Fields 30 x 30

30 x 30 x .5" Original Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas
by Karen Fields

It's a gorgeous summer day here. Taken from my imagination, I have created another of my signature style palm tree paintings. Thank you for looking! You can purchase this painting HERE.


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