7 Days of Eiffel Tower...I challenge myself to paint!

Eiffel Tower - Print by Karen Fields 11 x 14
 At the beginning of my painting career, I had a commission to paint the Eiffel Tower. I was thrilled to paint my own version of it. However, I had never painted the Eiffel Tower before and I had NO idea how I was going to make it my own interpretation. I knew it had to be something very unique and wonderful, I hoped. The painting featured above is my finished painting for my commission. This commission opened my eyes to what I could really do with my art. I then took the leap and created several paintings in different moods to incorporate my style of art on the Eiffel Tower idea.

Now, I am going to challenge myself to create 7 Eiffel Tower paintings in 7 days! Wow, this should be fun. Starting today, June 10, I will begin my first painting of the challenge. I will post my first painting by this evening for all to see. Come back and see!

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Catherine Fields said...

This is an awesome idea, I love those paintings :)