Inspired by the Sea

Living in Florida is so amazing! Today I am inspired by the calm and awesome sea air.
This one is "Calm Sea Breeze". I hope you like it. It has a bit of texture in it...It's actually lying on it's side so it can finish drying. I enjoyed painting it this morning. Have a wonderful day. -Karen


Mary Kilvert said...

Your dog is so sweet! and it does look similar to my drawing!

Dede Warren said...

I love the abstracts you shared that past couple of posts... so much so that it had me looking at art online last night for hours! Love, love, LoVE!

Michelle Brunner said...

I wish so much that I lived by the sea! I am so inspired by it and I live SO far away! You are so lucky to live near it! Love your painting and your adorable dog:)