10 of my favorite artists

Here are 10 of my favorite artists online. 
They inspire me. 
They work hard. 
They have amazing talent.

1. Jessica Stride

2. Cori Dantini
much esteemed, a 8 x 8 inch archival limited edition print of a whimsical songbird, by cori dantini 

3. Shann Spishak

4. Kathy Panton

5. Lulie Wallace

6. Harry Stooshinoff (paintbox)

7. Katie Daisy

8. Jennifer Mercede

9. Jill Mayberg

10. Viv Strauss


Shann said...

Thank you for your kindness Karen and Happy New Year to you and yours!
I adore all of these painters particularly Lulie's.
Your paintings are a perfect fit too!

Jess said...

Wow thank you so much Karen, I am truly honoured to be featured here on your list. I love your beautuful colourful paintings too. I shall certainly look up the other artists, I think we share similar tastes. :)
Jess x

vivienne strauss said...

Thank you Karen! Hope you have a fantastic 2013!

jmercede said...

Awesome! Some of my favs in there too! Thanks for including me!

Val Tan said...

Thanks for sharing : Your work, as well as Vivienne and Jennifer's work had already caught my eye on ETSY - great to see some other inspiring work as well

Michelle Brunner said...

These are great! I am obsessed with Lulie Wallace! Love all of your new beautiful paintings also, the colors make me so happy!