Cheeky Lemur by Julia on Etsy

Cheeky Lemur by Julia on Etsy
I love Julia's wonderful jewelry on Etsy. I wanted to feature her work and thank her for creating such gorgeous jewelry!

I hope you enjoy looking at my hand made jewellery and enamels. I started making jewellery many years ago when I studied at the Birmingham School of Jewellery, now a University. During this time I was recognised by the British jewellers Association for my work. As with most people, family and career took over from my main passion. It is only recently have I been able to get back to My roots and begin designing and creating again.

My most recent passion is for high temperature vitreous enamels. I love their vivid and brilliant colours with each piece producing its own subtle variety. Add to this the technical difficulty and "Art" in the enamelling process and you have a real challenge. I can really see why Faberge loved this medium.

Jewellery really does brings out my inner magpie; I'm the person who has to pick each piece up to feel it's unique textures. Sparkly, shiny things are my passion; my only problem is parting with any of my creations, Sigh.

I currently work from my Garden studio (shed) in Tinchebray since we moved over to the Normandy Countryside earlier this year.

Lastly, Why CheekyLemur? This comes from the bedtime story I made up to tell my children following a visit to the Champrepus Zoo last year while in France. My children loved it and the name kind of stuck!

I hope you enjoy looking at my listing as much as I enjoyed making them.


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