Favorite Etsy Shop of the Day ~ Mad Tea Party Furniture

Mad Tea Party Furniture

I have always had creative outlets throughout life. I love photography, the arts, gardening, geocaching, I play the piano, and anything else that gets me thinking. I started painting about four years ago when decorating my daughter's room. I have spent the past year really focusing on getting my pieces out there for others to enjoy. Before that it really was just a hobby (or even therapy) for me. I am 32, happily married, and a mother of four ranging in the ages of one to 13. Though I am growing older, I have never grown up. I am an avid Alice in Wonderland collector. I adore anything from the brilliant mind of Tim Burton. I actually named my youngest son after the late Stanley Kubrick. I have spent many hours with my eyes stuck to the pages of Harry Potter (and wish there were more pages to be read). I find myself finding the beauty of fantasy in the every day world, and hope that I bring that to my pieces I create.

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