Artist of the Day - Arthur Simo

My name is Arthur Simo, Im a teenager, 16 (2008)and I have Autism.

I love to paint because I have fun creating each picture. Also I love to play nintendo, watch movies and read about sharks, space, Universe, dinosaurs, aliens, casttles, Egypt and love to collect fossils. I skate, ride horses and bike. I am taking a Tai Kwon Do class and I am a green belt.

***Autism is a neurological / developmental disorder that strikes children usually some time in the first three years of life and impacts the normal development of the brain in areas of cognition, social interaction and communication skills***

My paintings are ready for you to buy when you click here: www.arthursimo.etsy.com

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simoart said...

Thanks for choosing Arthur artist of the day. He is very happy and honor to be on your site. I appreciate your kindness in naming him and showing his paintings. Adriana