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Garden Leaf Box
Here is my Garden Leaf Box ! The top opens by way of a hinged lid which allows for full access. Metallic green feet. Inside the lid I have the Harriet Tubman quote, "The sun came through the trees and over the fields and I thought I was in heaven." the bottom is lined with wonderful black velvet. Box is 6.5" wide x 8" deep x 4.5" high. I used all kinds of leaves on this woodsy box!A great gift for a man or woman, desktop or shelf!
Buy any box on my site and get 2 free ornaments as my way of saying thank you!Ornaments will be chosen at my discretion! They will be a surprise!!•••Offer good now till December 24th!!

1 comment:

Patricia Hecker said...

Thanks for the feature Karen!
It was a nice way to begin a chilly Monday!
I'm happy to say this Garden Leaf Box sold right away!
There will be more coming!