Amazing American Story

David Goggins
A 12-year veteran of the Navy SEALS runs marathons in memory of the fallen.
Navy Seal competes for those who cannot.

"I’m nobody special," Goggins says modestly. "I joined the military to push myself, but when I joined I couldn’t run to the mailbox. I was a 280 pound power lifter who benched 485 pounds," he says. "But when I lost my friends, I thought there must be a way to raise money for their kids." Goggins was able to raise enough money to send 226 children of killed military service members to college through the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF).

Please see the video at the link below:

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Ronnie said...

Thanks for this post, Karen. Very important stuff. I am an Army brat and wife of a retired Army ranger who later transitioned to Coast Guard rescue pilot. I know first hand of kids left without dads.
Love your blog and beautiful Etsy picks. The mural looks great!
I am enjoying my doggie beach painting!
Ronnie - in a small town in Georgia