My Morning Sketch Routine & Surface Pattern Design

Here are some quick watercolor sketches I just did this morning:


Things in life  really never stay the same.

So I am moving on with my art dreams to create a collection of beautiful surface pattern designs and open my own online pattern design studio.

The studio will include beautiful groups of my Bohemian Style surface pattern art ready for production for all types of products.

I have been planning to go full force, and have been working on my system, for a very long time but the time is now to announce that I will be very busy creating new and beautiful Bohemian Pattern Designs in my trademark loose colorful painting style.

Oh, wow, here I go!!

Painting and color are an absolute passion of mine and by creating new ways to inspire you I am going to be developing collections of designs for products. You will be seeing my artwork on many products to come.

My first collection of scarves are coming out in June. It's a special collection of infinity, square and long colorful scarves.

I can't wait to announce and show the line as soon as I am able. It's a collaboration with a wonderful company and I know you will love them.

 I also wanted to share a little bit about how I get inspired and how I work.

My day starts with sketching. That's it! I get my watercolors, sketchbook, and pencil and start working.
These first daily sketches are a warm-up for my final art that I will complete in the next day or two.
I am inspired by positivity first of all. Everything else follows. Color...shape.....composition.

My day is very simple.

- Sit down and sketch. This is my very important warm up session.  [gesture...color....ideas...lines....marks]

- Organize my priority project for the day. [I have pre-planned my art themes ahead of time, so I know what I will be needing to research for my focus artwork.]

- I sketch very lightly on my paper the composition that I like.

- Start my work in quiet. No music. I am easily distracted!

-Then the flow....oh the flow of the piece. My art is done pretty quickly because I have to go with my gut and feel the painting as I go. It's a huge emotional rollercoaster of color, design and perfectionistic tendencies. But, my art is so loose that I am allowing myself to be free and positive so that I can create a beautiful piece of art that will bring happy and uplifting feelings once it's done.

- I work for about 90 minutes then take breaks in between. Once I return to my unfinished art, I can assess what needs to be done next. What to add, what to do to strengthen the design, etc.

- My designs are then digitized by using a scanner or camera for import into Adobe Illustrator for creative editing and file making. These are then saved on my exterior hard drive, where all my important artwork is stored.

My Question for You: 
What types of themes would you like to see me paint? I would very much appreciate your ideas and thoughts.
Thank you so very much! Please leave a reply below my post.

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