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When decorating on a budget the first thing that comes to my mind is how can the room look great and very unique with a few simple tricks? Well, art!!

Yes, I did this very thing this summer in my living room. I decided to go with a nautical, olde Florida feel in my living room. So, I downloaded several pieces of art and framed them in frames from the Salvation Army of all places. I love the way it turned out so I wanted to share with you the idea that creating a beautiful room doesn't mean breaking the bank.


Coney Island download by Frenchtwistpostcards on Etsy.

Think of a theme.
Think of the colors you like for the room.
List some ideas of subject matter to look for.
What walls do you want to decorate?
Make contrast count! It looks awesome to have light and dark together giving the room texture.
Think unusual....I have a picture of a Coney Island circus on my wall. But the colors and shapes are fantastic!
Conversation pieces. What make someone smile? Or bring back memories?

I wish you much luck and happy downloading!

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Jessica Torrant said...

Thanks so much for sharing my print Karen! Great works here!