Take a look back

Grandma Moses painting in the field
Just a little look back to where I came from....
As a graphic designer my whole career, I had this desire to suddenly change directions in my creative life. I wanted to paint. I was inspired. I was inspired to create bold colorful canvases with images that you just couldn't turn away from. But how can I start painting when I had never created one successful painting? I was always afraid of color, even as a graphic designer...now I want to face my fears and jump in to test the waters. Although, I am now 53, I can only get more wise.

My turning point....I thought about how Grandma Moses started her painting career! She was in her 70's. She became successful with her works of art. Ok. There is no excuse for me now to not start my dream.

Now, as I create new pieces, I often think of ways to change it up a bit. I seem to go through cycles of color, subject matter, styles, etc. I notice new things around me that inspire me to try new ideas. After all, each canvas I create is from my own mind. There has never been a piece of artwork like it in all of the world. It can't get any better than that.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know how I found your work - but immediately I loved it! And,this post is so inspiring - I hope your living your dreams and enjoying being a painter! Looking forward to following your blog!