Be an Artist Entrepreneur

"If they can do it, I can do it!!" 
That's what I told myself when researching what I could do to earn money online from my art. So many creative people are working from home. Dedication, passion, don't give up, keep going...do it. You will love it. You can work on your own portfolio of digital designs for free.

-Create your digital art portfolio from Illustrator or Photoshop
-Make a website
-Show your work in a wonderful way
-Sell your art online such as posters, word art, etsy logos and banners

Years ago, when my children were small, I was very restless because I wanted to earn money. I tried very hard to find a way to earn income ONLINE from my talent and skill as an artist. These are the things I learned:

Take a week, or two, and do nothing but study as many artists as you can who sell online
What do they do that is so exciting to you? Is it the colors? Is it the size? Is it the theme? Is it the simplicity?
Don't get overwhelmed (here I am 5 years later doing what I want to do)
What do you want to do?
Laser focus on your skills, every one of them...art, organization, writing ability, sense of peace
Teach yourself how to do something digitally by studying youtube videos, they are free.
What would you love to learn how to do? Printing, sewing bags, sachets
Digital art like surface pattern design, notecards, posters, word art
Custom paintings
Printmaking is amazing...you might want to try it and sell small pieces of random art to test the waters
Sell your art on www.Etsy.com?
Create silly fabric with funny drawings on it. www.spoonflower.com is amazing!
Make pillows with your own paintings on them and sell on your website
Make a blog from the passion you have as an artist
Design a line of paintings and make them into digital sheets for scrapbooking
Write a very simple ebook about something you know very well. Sell it on Amazon Kindle. Make money.

I wish you the very best!
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I also have recently created and work on a new website that is a passion of mine. To seek out and write about people who are using their talents and skills to create successful businesses.  www.ijumpoutofbed.wordpress.com

This is my ebook that I have listed in my Etsy shop

Thank you for reading my blog!

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