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FineArtAmerica.com .  I have over 180 art prints available in many sizes here. You can have them created on a stretched canvas, a matted print, or even greeting cards. There is a huge selection here!

ImageConcious.com . This is a website for wholesale and large inventory businesses. I have 6 large format images here that have just been licensed for purchase! Very exciting.

I have 122 items available for purchase in my Etsy store! I offer original paintings, prints in 3 sizes: 8x10, 11x14, and 13x19. I also accept custom commissioned artwork on stretched canvas. I have my own custom canvas builder if you have some unusual size you would like! 

Thank you for visiting my paintings.
Please contact me to create a custom painting for you. I will be very happy to work with you.

My paintings are very vibrant, colorful, acrylic on stretched canvas. I love naive, large brush strokes. My subjects range from very abstract to still lifes. I enjoy color like crazy and if I get an idea in my head, I will experiment and then possibly create a series of similar yet different paintings.

I have loved art my whole life and whenever there was an opportunity to give back to the community or to take a class or be involved with something creative I was always a part of it. I studied at Ringling School of Art & Design, where I majored in Graphic Design. I then worked in print and advertising & publishing areas my whole career. Now, I am a painter and paint every day. My work is full of vibrant color and larger brush strokes. As a fine artist, my paintings are collected all over the world. I have recently expanded my listings on the internet.

Painters who have inspired me are Matisse, Klimt, Kandinsky, and other fauvist painters. I find that painting gives me peace and puts me in a place where I can focus on the beauty that is all around us.
Painting gives me the opportunity to give back to the community in different positive and meaningful ways.

I am thankful each day for my God-given gifts.

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Breezy said...

I just found you Etsy shop, and fell in love with your style! The vibrancy is just contagious and makes me smile. I'm so glad I came across you. Simply Providential. : )