This is a new chapter in my blog life....
After "hiding behind" my art for so many years on my websites, I have made the decision to start blogging about my artist life along with my artwork. I think it's important to share my experience as an artist.

A little know fact about me is that, as an art student in art school, I didn't understand or like painting in color! Yes, it's true. I can remember speaking with my painting instructor one day. He told me that I could do my paintings in pencil if I wanted. My fear of color was intense. I didn't know what to do with it. I often thought, "I'm an artist, why don't I like to work with color in my paintings?" I got through somehow.

My major was graphic design. My plans were to become a designer for print materials, not a painter. After graduation I started working as a graphic designer and never stopped.

Then one day, many years later, I got the "creative" hunger to go out and buy a stretched canvas to paint on. I could not afford a stretched canvas in art school, I always painted on board, so I never had the opportunity to see what it felt like to paint on one. This day changed my life! My decision to start painting was born.

My first painting on stretched canvas....


Paula said...

Wow! Your painting is so different now to then. I did a painting back in June, that whetted my appetite to start painting again. It is very different to the piece that I have just finished. Your painting style has actually inspired me. I can't wait to read more of your art journey. Paula :)

This Moment said...

Wow--you not like color? Hard to believe that was ever the case! Your work is so vibrant and whimsical, full of color. Just like Paula you really have inspired my painting since I first saw your work on etsy over two years ago. By the way, I love your first painting on stretched canvas!


Karen Fields said...

Thank you so much for your kind responses. I think I've always been a late bloomer in every way! :)

Karen said...

Hey Karen,
I'm thrilled you are blogging about your artist journey and am just going to order Paint Happy on your recommendation!
Hugs from another Karen and another late bloomer! :-)