What I am working on today.....What do you think?

Painting is Complete!
This morning I am finishing up a
painting called
It is a 16 x 16" stretched canvas
acrylic painting.
I am preparing more larger canvases to
continue this series of black and white
so keep coming back to check
on the new paintings that I am creating here.
Thank you for coming into my studio.
I am grateful to have you here.
I'd LOVE to hear your comments.:)


This Moment said...

What do I think? Oh....I think your work is AMAZINGLY beautiful. I found your work on etsy over a year ago and then your blog and I am IN LOVE. Seriously, your paintings are probably my favorites. So whimsical, cheerful, unique and inspiring! I visit your site often just to look at your creations. I finally bought a print for my daughter recently "Bistro Paris Dress" and we are both so happy with it. Thanks for giving me soooooo much inspiration.

Karen Fields said...

Thank you so much for your very kind note. I am so glad that you are happy with your art print. I am working on more paintings coming up! I appreciate that you visit my shop. :) -Karen