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Anotherghost Quilts
Nancy Downey, CEP (Chief Executive Patchworker)
Hauntingly Beautiful Handmade Quilts
Belgrade Lakes, Maine
A highly skilled hand quilter and patchworker, I have honed my techniques for over twenty years. Each of my quilts is a labor of love, and one-of-a-kind. Some are designed by me, some by others, and many are simply my interpretation of traditional quilt designs that have lasted for generations.

Each quilt is made with 100% top-quality designer cottons which will soften over time, and the inside layer is traditional low-loft batting in either 100% cotton or wool or 80% cotton/20% poly blend. My quilts are meant to be used and are machine-washable. I include care instructions with each quilt in case the buyer intends to preserve and treat it as a family heirloom. Finally, I finish them with a French-fold (double) binding, and a custom label with my stamp, the name of the quilt, date of completion, credits to the designer and details about its construction (e.g. machine-pieced, hand-quilted). I will happily further customize a gift label for you at no extra cost.


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They are so beautiful - thanks for sharing!