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Upcycled Rustic Shabby Cottage Red Birdhouse with Vintage Faucet
Love the look of this simple red birdhouse that mr pete has handmade here on the farm. Found the parts for this one out in the grove, discarded objects from the past. Pieces of art to my eyes, an upcycled birdhouse. Cast off water faucet plus old grungy spring give beauty and character to this red painted birdhouse. Pete's added a rusty steel roof and wire hanger. Perfect hanging on a tree in your yard or garden. Unscrew the bottom to clean. Simple. One of a kind will not be replicated exactly the same.Dimensions: 14 1/2" tall. 5" long. 6" deep.

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Bacon Square Farm said...

Thank you Karen for featuring one of our birdhouses in your blog today. Honored to be chosen.