Kurt and Colby, Man and Man's Best Friend

This is a wonderful story. And being the dog lover that I am it really touched my heart.
About Colby
Colby is a 4 year old, 81 LB, Chocolate Lab. that lives with his family in eastern Pennsylvania. Colby started life as a young college student at the University of Maryland, getting his 'canine associates degree' after 2 years of hard work in College Park. Colby lived in a house with 5 other students for 2 years until his roommate, T.C. Behm graduated and returned home to Pa. T.C. then got a job in another state and it was decided that the best place for Colby was in Pa. with his adopted grandparents Kurt and Kathryn.

Colby's favorite thing of all is ‘walking'. He loves meeting all the new people and other Dog's (and sometimes Cats) along his daily 2 hour jaunt. Colby especially loves children and has a special spot in his heart for kid's that are struggling and suffering with chronic disease. Colby has decided to dedicate his daily walks to these children by trying to raise awareness of their struggle, and trying to get sponsors willing to donate money for every mile he walks. This can be as little as a penny a mile, or whatever anyone can afford. Every cent helps and could possibly make the difference in a child's struggle between life and death. This money can be donated directly to Childrens Hospital in your area in Colby's name.

Colby has been averaging 8 miles a day, which works out to just under 3000 miles a year. This is like walking from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and back a little. If you're ever in the western suburbs of Philadelphia along Lancaster, Haverford, or Montgomery Ave's, you'll have a good chance of seeing Colby as he walks with his partner to help the kid's he loves. Won't you please join Colby in his walks 'to find the cure' and help sick and struggling children that in many cases can't walk for themselves.

Colby hopes to meet you on one of his walks, and promises to give you a big 'sloppy kiss' as his way of saying thanks. He is sure that with every kiss he gives, a sick child somewhere begins to get well.

About Kurt
Kurt is a 60 year old aging athlete who broke his hip, the result of a fall in a Triathlon 10 years ago. He is also a longtime business owner and author who loves to write about the adventures that he and Colby get into along their walks every day.

After successful hip surgery 5 years ago, his doctors told him not to run anymore but that he could walk as much as he wanted. Reluctantly, and with a heavy heart he started his new regimen of walking daily.

About this same time Kurt’s son graduated from the University of Maryland and moved back home to begin looking for a job. Along with his son, came his new Chocolate Lab puppy that he had just named ‘Colby’.

Colby would cry and whine every day when he saw Kurt leave for his walk. One day, although still very young, Kurt decided to take Colby along, and his walks would never be the same again. He would never again walk alone, and Colby would totally transform not only the way he walked, but the way he felt about it when he did.
Kurt has decided to try and follow Colby’s lead and raise both money and awareness for those children struggling with childhood diseases.

Please join both of them as they walk for the children that in many cases can’t walk for themselves. See links below for more information. Thank you.

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Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

What an amazingly heart-warming story!! Big kudos to Colby and Kurt for being among those actively trying to make a positive difference! And what an admirable way to do it.