Special People and Prayer

My Friend Kim and her Amazing Love
Kim is Bella's Aunt. She has a heart that is infinitely giving and full of faith & hope.
I thank God that Bella has Aunt Kim in her life.
See how God is working through all of us who pray.
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In 2007, Bella was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. (Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma) Bella lives in Miami, with her parents (Ray & Shannah) and her little sister (Rayna). We are sure that the many prayers being said on her behalf are responsible for allowing her to tolerate the treatment so well.
We ask all of you who visit this site, to please lift Bella and our family in your prayers. Miracles did not stop happening 2,000 years ago, they still happen and we will pray for a miracle on Bella's behalf. May God bless you and protect you!
March 23, 2008 (Easter Sunday)
Through God's amazing power and grace, Bella is walking, jumping, and playing. Her tumors are gone. Her treatments must continue until July. This will complete 1 full year of both chemo and radiation. She has lost a lot of weight and all her hair, but we are grateful to our Lord for placing His healing hand upon her. The road has been a difficult one and is not over, but we have witnessed His miracle in her and know that it will be completed with a full healing. All of your prayers, love, support, and well wishes; have allowed us to endure this most difficult time in our lives. We are forever grateful; first to our Lord and then to all of you who have been instruments of Christ on our journey. May God continue to bless each of you and we ask for your continued prayers.
The Rodriguez-Torres Family

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