My vision board...

Last summer I created a business vision board that would include positive affirmations about making my business inspirational to work on. I have this board located right on my desk and I love being inspired by it. It's been about 1 year now since I made this one and would love to make another one in the next few weeks to be a little more specific about  my plans.

Before I make my new one, I will be focusing on what I want to accomplish this next year. My business of art has been a wonderful journey for me. Its all about experimenting and making it my own when it comes to finding out what works for successful art-making.

Things I will include on my new vision board:
Foundations that I want to be linked with
Creating a series of landscape paintings
Success tips that I need to try
Social networking ideas
& more....

You can create your own vision board for your life.

Choose a theme for your board. Business, home, fitness & health, financial goals, lifestyle goals.

Cut out words, quotes, designs, images of what you would like to do or be inspired by.

Arrange the pieces on a poster board in a way that is organized or crazy fun. You create the look you like. Add color and there you have it!


Michelle Brunner said...

Hi Karen! What a great idea! I finally have some time again to put back into my art business and a vision board is the PERFECT first step! I love your vision board! I think I will make one asap!
-Have a great day:)

Unknown said...

Love this! I would create one for my home... as in, what kind of a home do I want to have... creative, warm, welcoming. Thanks for sharing your vision board. Best of luck to you in your business!


Unknown said...

A business vision board is a great idea. This is a good way for you to see the broad picture of all of your goals, especially the part that includes your financial stability and your business success. You’ll surely be inspired throughout the year, and you have a visual marker on where you're at with regard to reaching your target goal. Cheers!

Karla Walker @ StreetsMart Marketing